Shinners Approaches

Community Health Dialogue and Education

The center organizes for guardian health talks on monthly basis. Through the children, possible health Hazards are identified to be discussed by the guardians. Some of the children at the center suffer from  diseases like Diarrhea, Bilharzia, Ring worms infections among others. Upon Identification of such, topics are developed for discussion and the guardians deliberate on best possible options to avert the same, occasionally medical experts are invited to deliver health talks.

Reproductive health including HIV and AIDS and Sexually Transmitted Diseases are handled separately from the students affairs with guardians fronting the discussions

Pre-Unit Education

Children who are less fortunate from the slums attend Nursery education at the center, owing to their back ground the mode of education is however different from the normal formal education, the children are taken through music and drama sessions to up their concentration and win their attention. Shinners center appreciate the child’s right to play and these forms a good part of the children session among the other normal educational processes.

Shinners Center hopes to improve literacy at the slums so as to help reverse poverty that leads to susceptibility to social, economic and health hazards

Nutritional Support

IMGP2951Most of the children at the center, are not able to get the three basic meals from home, this in return influences a Child’s development let alone concentration in class. Shinners Center provides nutritional support to the children while they are at the center, despite the challenging economic times Shinners centers tries to balance the diet for the children.Some of the children at the center are also living with HIV and AIDs, this nutritional support also seek to strengthen their systems and conditions.

Reproductive Health to young adolescents

Shinners Community has been using its interactive activities with adolescent pupils, we felt that the greatest disconnect in efforts by a people to involve the less fortunate is the missing link between education and poverty, thus Shinners Community engages young adolescents in free and genuine reproductive health discussions and service provision.

Agricultural empowerment

This is one of the new initiatives that we are pursuing, through community visits and education, we encourage community members to come up with small farms within their homes and use modern technology in production, this includes, use of fertilizers, crop rotation, crop timing, use of high breed seeds, use of insecticides among others. The community members are also quickly deforesting the environment, more so during burning of bricks, use of firewood and selling of timber, we encourage community members to plant more trees and even come up with  community forests.


Twins ( 6 Years)


Mercy and Elizabeth lived happily with their siblings.Their parents always struggled to make ends meet by providing basic needs to their four children ,three girls and one boy. this was how ever, not to last for long. Four years after the death of their loving and  caring mother, the second tragedy struck, their father passed on.  through the support of relatives and other well wishers the children held on the spirit to move on. Two years later their second born brother mysteriously disappeared and is yet to be found, as this was not enough, their sister went mad and left for the streets. Mercy and Elizabeth, Very quiet, Observant and quick learners, joined their old, ailing and poor grand mother in Obunga slums who is currently taking care of them as they enjoy basic pre- unit education and nutritional support at the Shinners Center.We can work together to better the lives of these twins

19th March 2008

We are all fine and keeping our hearts crossed that nothing goes wrong with the peace initiative thats going on. As at now, things are good between president Kibaki and the prime minister designate Raila. kenyans are celebrating. The politicians are happy, because soon they will get their prestigious posts. Huge loans will be given to them towards their big machines that guzzle like nothing else. Their families will be more comfortable than before. the big business men will have rewarding contracts awarded to them. You see, life will be sweet once more. The european community is soon giving money in billions to help in reconstruction of country. Red cross is still receiving millions to feed the people leaving in displaced camps (wonder how much really assists). Continue reading

15th March 2008

We woke up to a good day this morning. The children are here. same to the workers. Mary came in yesterday, but was not feeling well. She hasn’t been well in awhile. She was taken to see a doctor who diagnosed serious malaria that has lived in her for long. Most of the people buy drugs over the counter. Any time one has fever, they buy paracetamol to cool down the fever and rarely seek treatment . we took her to hospital last week , she would come and just sleep. when the mother asks her to stay back home, the little girl cries. she has been well and came in from monday, but yesterday , she wasn’t well again. The nurse will go and visit her as she hasn’t come in this morning. Continue reading